A Full Day of Work With the Oxygen OS on the OnePlus Nord 2

There’s no doubt that the market for smartphones containing Blackberry elements has become highly saturated with very little innovation in sight. With such a large variety of models from such different manufacturers, how does one make sense of choosing a smartphone? Fortunately, there is no shortage of smartphone review sites around, so all that is needed to get an idea of which smartphone would be the most suitable for your needs is to read some smartphone reviews. But what do these smartphone review sites know about the new, improved OnePlus 2?

History. In contrast to many smartphones of a oneplus nord 2 similar design, the OnePlus Nord 2 manages to combine style and practicality in equal measures. History was made with this smartphone, as it comes with a bevy of features including its high-performance dual camera setup, the standard dual touch display, and the fast charging capabilities of the company.

Features. Like many smartphones of its kind, the Nord 2 comes with a standard 8 MP camera set up, but it also sports an improved camera lens with an f/2.0 aperture which takes better images and video. A fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor compliment the OnePlus 2’s high performance. It is, however, not as advanced as the iPhone for those who need a camera with optical zoom or faster shutter speed, but it does pack a decent package for those who want an inexpensive smartphone with a lot of features.

Low-light mode. For a smartphone with an optical image sensor and high-performance dual camera setup, the OnePlus Nord 2 features one of the most unique low-light modes you will find on any smartphone today. With the Low Light mode, the smartphone optimizes its hardware to take better pictures in low-light conditions. There are five different levels of low-light mode from which you can choose the best one for your needs: Standard, Easy, Medium, Advanced, and Extreme.

Storage. The company claims that the OnePlus devices use the most advanced storage engine available in smartphones today, the OxygenOS 4.4. The interface of the device, like that of the iPhone, makes excellent use of space both in terms of apps and data, making it easy for you to store and access large amounts of data. The same logic applies to the screen size; the bigger the device is, the more user-friendly it becomes for you, since there is a lot of horizontal space to work with.

Battery life. The phone lasts about a day on a single charge, which is about what most people would expect from an smartphone of this class. The battery is capable oflasting a full day on the most intensive usage, including browsing, streaming videos, and running several applications simultaneously. The OxygenOS has a Quick Charge feature, which allows the battery to be fully charged within nine hours, or you can choose to Quick Charge the battery of the OnePlus Nord 2 using a USB cable.